With the passage of time and growth of age, there is an increase in the health problems to both men and women. IT has been observed that the women grow at a much faster pace than men, but they ought to beat pesky health problems with an ease those years, from which the men’s must learn.

IN, general there are six pitfalls, from which the men go through. The common health problems for men are listed below:

    • Athlete’s foot and jock itch: As per the study by the Britishers, the men’s get more affected with this fungal intrusion than women. This problem takes place because of the floor of the locker room. IN order to get rid of this problem, the individuals must dry his foot with dryer and put on socks before.
    • Hernias: It is one of the manliest remedies. This disease is found in just 2% of women, whereas it affects 25 % of men. This disease takes place of the testicles of an individual before his birth. If this disease takes for long, it can escape the intestine. This disease is genetic in nature. If anyone had this in family, one must see a herniatic surgeon.Image result for How can you beat the health problems in men??
    • Herniated disks: This is the problem with which about 65 % males are affected and only 51% of women. This problem takes place because the spines of the men are straight due to which they get pressured. This problem takes place because of long working hours, inflexibility, etc. AS per an athlete, the men’s with tight hamstrings are more prone to this problem.  
    • Kidney stones: The risk of kidney stones is double than of women. This is because of the estrogens and calcium that form a compound bonding to form stones inside the kidneys. The men’s can get rid of this problem by drinking heavily. Also, drinking 10 glasses of water is helpful in removal of kidney stones.    
    • Melanoma: This is a form of skin cancer. This problem takes place by removing shirts in the sunlight. Usually, it takes place on the shoulders, neck, arm and trunk of a man.

  • Oral cancer

The individuals can take the precautions and get rid of the problems faced by them. Also, there are some other problems faced by men, as per the medical health centre. Some of these problems are listed below:

  • Blood in semen
  • Low testosterone
  • Gynecomastia
  • Benign prostatic hyperplasia
  • Male menopause
  • Penis disorders
  • Inflammation of the prostate glands
  • Urinary incontinence and several others.

The ratio of affection of health problems for men is higher than that of women. The men’s health problems are severe, so the individuals must not ignore anything, if goes through any problem. The one must consult a doctor instantly and start taking medicine. This is to be done, to increase the problem for future. Also, there are some problems for which there is not treatment, once the time goes. So, the individuals must not ignore and start taking medication on time. This is the only way possible to beat the health problems in men.  

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