For any business owner in Texas who decides to open a restaurant, (especially one that is open in the evening) there is one big question that must be asked: Should we serve alcohol? The answer to the question isn’t black and white, as there are many issues that must be considered.

Serving alcohol in a commercial establishment is a big responsibility, as people who drink can become reckless if they intake too much. It’s up to the restaurant’s employees to decide whether or not a person should be served alcohol and how much. If a person seems to be at their intake limit, they have to be cut off before they consume too much. All of this is a big responsibility, which is why restaurants and bars in Texas have to obtain a TABC permit before they can legally serve alcohol.

Why Serve Alcohol?

Given the complexities involved in serving alcohol, why do businesses go to the trouble? The answer is that adding alcohol to a menu can add a lot more traffic into an establishment and greatly increase profits. The markup on drinks is high, and it’s a lot easier to serve a drink than to prepare food for customers. Given all this, many business do decide that serving alcohol is worth the work involved in obtaining a permit.

Getting The Permit

In Texas, the laws regarding the TABC permit are complex, which is why it can take months to get a permit. Each city in Texas has different laws regarding permitting, which adds another layer of difficulty to the process. All of this is why now many business owners hire outside consultants to take over the permit process. These consultants know the laws regarding alcohol permitting well, and they can streamline the process to ensure the permit is ready on the restaurant’s opening day. Yes, hiring a consultant will cost money, but the time and headaches saved will make it more than worth whatever is spent.


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