Anavar is an anabolic steroid that can be used orally to gain bodybuilding goals. The known type of Anavar is Anadrol in world of bodybuilding. As it is an anabolic steroid, it is only available at prescription in most of countries. This steroid is prepared in labs for medical usage but like other steroids, it is also available in black markets. Most of people who have bodybuilding goals, want to use these steroids having good quality. These anabolic steroids are known for various effects like muscle mass gains, fat cutting and strength boosting. But it can also affect hormones causing body or facial hair growth.

Is Anavar safe to use for bodybuilders:

The use of steroids is increasing in world of bodybuilding. People are using various steroids to boost effects of bodybuilding. Like other steroids, Anavar is not 100 % safe to use because users can have some side effects on body. If you are getting genuine Anavar products, you may minimize risks of side effects but these are only available at prescription and are not easy to find.

When it comes to use illegal steroids by buying from black market, these products can put various side effects on your body. Some of known side effects of these supplements are increase in acne, unwanted changes in Hormones and hair loss. In male bodybuilders, these steroids can cause hair fall problem because of change in hormones. Illegal steroids have anabolic properties so can increase endogenous testosterone in body. These are hormones causing body or facial hair growth in females.


Males and females can have various side effects by getting illegal Anavar steroids. These steroids are not tested in certified labs so you will find various problems of using it. In some cases, these steroids can be used to gain weight after any illness or surgery. But these steroids are legal and available to buy with prescriptions.

Factors affective these side effects on body:

It is not sure that every user will get same side effects or benefits of using these steroids. When you want to use these anabolic steroids, it depends on various factors that what will be effects of these steroids on your body. Everyone uses these steroids in different ways and takes different dosage. If you want to know about side effects of these steroids, it will depend on your body type, health, age and physical activities. It also depends on dose of Anavar steroids that you take.

When it comes to use Anavar steroids, you can prefer a safer and legal version of these supplements. Anadrol is a big name in world of bodybuilding that is used by people to make muscular and ripped body. These steroids are available online and users will find it effective for muscle mass gaining, fat lose and strength boosting. These steroids can also have various side effects but are safer version of Anavar steroids. It is important that you can consult any expert to know about your needs of steroids and to use these steroids.

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