34 Baking Recipes to Make the Most of Your Food Processor

I really never ever liked making desserts, but for some reason whenever I was invited to an event, it seemed like that was always what I was asked to bring. It was always such a drag. It looked like it was inevitable for me to learn some dessert recipes. I figured that cookies would be a good place to start, especially for a big family like mine. Plus, who doesn’t like cookies, right? 

I did some research and I found that cookie dough was a breeze to make with a food processor, and would probably be more simple to make in big batches that way. Who knew? I called my parents to see if they had a food processor. Of course they did, and they recommended I buy a Cuisinart. They sent me to KitchenWorksInc. to look for spare parts as well. 

I was able to find Cuisinart dfp-14n parts to go with my newly purchased Cuisinart food processor. Of course I got myself a dough blade, since my big plan was to make cookies. I got some extra blades as well, which were amazing for chopping nuts for different types of cookies. I was so surprised at how easy this made the whole process! It was almost like I was dreading family events for nothing.

My whole family was pretty impressed with the amount of cookies I showed up with to the next family gathering. Usually I wouldn’t have enough for anyone to have seconds, and chances are since I was not so great at making them, people probably wouldn’t want another one anyway. Things sure have changed, and mainly because I wholeheartedly enjoy the entirel process now.

Since getting my Cuisinart food processor, I’ve taken my dessert game to a whole other level, and started trying all kinds of new things too. I’ve made pie crust, different pureed fillings, and a variety of cakes. My family hardly knows who I am anymore, but they are certainly happy to have me at parties since I bring some awesome desserts now. 

These days when anyone asks me how I learned to make all of these things, I tell them that I owe it all to my Cuisinart food processor. It may sound silly to attribute it to a kitchen appliance, but it’s definitely true. I’d recommend that anyone who doesn’t enjoy cooking or baking buy one to make their lives that much easier. 

I’m really excited to venture into new ideas, aside from just making desserts. I plan to do more research on how my Cuisinart food processor can change my whole cooking game. I have a little list already going for the KitchenWorksInc. site of things that I want to purchase. Soon enough I’ll be bringing more than just desserts to parties. Maybe I’ll even get so good that I’ll be able to host my own before long. 

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