A lot of people search for steroids that give minimal effects. This helps them have the benefits and keep the effects to the lowest. Anavar could be the first name that comes to your mind in such cases. They are known to have least amounts of side effects, when used responsibly.

You need to understand the hormone of Oxandrolone (Anavar) and then figure out its effects. We will then tell you if Finasteride may reduce oxandrolone sides or not. Effects from Anavar are mostly related to Dihydrotestosterone (DHT). There is one more issue that suppresses testosterone and that is of course virilization. Read below to know some details on the negative impacts of Anavar, and you would also know how to prevent them.

Anavar Side Effects

Anavar is derived from DHT and the side effects would be similar to that is not completely same. Thus, the side affects that result from this anabolic androgenic steroid can be derived from DHT. For example, a lot of people tend to get acne or skin break outs while using Anavar, this is a direct effect of DHT. You can have breakouts at the back, shoulders, on the chest, and sometimes on the face in extreme cases.

When you Anavar, you must keep your skin clean and dry all the time. If you have acne-prone, you must change your shirt after you perspire or take a shower right away. People who know that they can fall prey to this effect must take a bath every day.

You can expect another side effect from Anavar, and that is completely based on genetics. DHT negatively effects on your hair follicles and causes them to deteriorate. This causes hair loss and impact on your negatively. However, this is more common is men who have the tendency of male-pattern baldness. If you are genetically going to lose out on hair, DHT will accelerate the process.

Now, it is believed that you can counteract this condition by using 5-alpha-reductase inhibitor known as ‘Finasteride’. The element can be found under brand names of Proscar and Propecia. When you use Finasteride, you can maintain better hairline, however, it is a powerful androgen suppressor, so you need to be careful about the dosages. Note that if you are not genetically prone to losing out on hair, you will not lose out on hair withDHT.

Anavar and Prostate Enlargement

A serious effect related to Anavar and DHT is the condition of prostate enlargement. When you have a huge buildup of DHT in your system, this condition can happen. However, with Anavar, you might have had a lot of dosage or used it for a very long span to get this condition. For taking preventive measures, if you have an enlarged prostate gland, you must avoid taking Anavar. This is why you also have to get yourself verified from a doctor to know if you should or shouldn’t use the drug. You can have enlarged prostate due to taking Anavar supplements. It is advisable to avoid it altogether!

To conclude, Finasteride may reduce oxandrolone sides and their results are seen within 6 months of usage. It is also known to reduce the condition of prostate enlargement significantly, but doesn’t eliminate it.

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