In business, accounting, and marketing, it’s crucial to track data and trends. One of the best ways to organize these numbers is by utilizing excel spreadsheets.

This is why displaying proficiency in excel is one of the most common job requirements. Therefore, including these skills on your resume can give you a huge advantage in the job market.

What if you’re pursuing these kinds of jobs but lack a knowledge of excel?

Fortunately, it’s super easy to learn excel online! This guide will inform you of four tricks to learn excel online quickly so that you can be prepared for your next job position!

  1. Practice Makes Perfect

Strangely enough, going into excel blind may be the best way to learn.

Start by opening a blank workbook. Then, explore each of the tabs at the top of the spreadsheet. By clicking on the “insert”, “formula”, and “data” buttons, you can begin to understand what excel will allow you to do.

Try adding and removing different features to see how it affects your spreadsheet.

Begin experimenting with simple procedures, such as inserting rows and columns. Then practice applying basic math equations before moving on to complex processes.

  1. Go to the Source

If playing around with excel leaves you with questions, the next step should be to consult Microsoft resources. In addition to providing a variety of apps, products, and devices, they provide informative tutorials on how to use them.

To access these tutorials, all you have to do is search for their help and training features.

Their help and training features are dedicated to teaching you everything you need to know about Microsoft applications. For example, with an excel tutorial, they walk you through simple processes in excel, as well as more complex functions.

They even cater tutorials depending on what you’re using excel for, such as outlining a budget.

If the tutorial isn’t helpful enough, try contacting the Microsoft support team. They will be prepared to answer more in-depth questions. Otherwise, utilize their community forum which provides access to frequently asked questions and tips from other excel users.

  1. Find Helpful Videos

If you found the Microsoft tutorials to be helpful, you may want to consider seeking additional tutorials. Utilizing videos is a great way to learn excel online for free!

These videos often feature a computer screen that displays an excel spreadsheet. Throughout the video, an excel expert will provide detailed commentary walking you through a specific excel process or formula.

The videos can vary depending on your search.

You may want to start with an “excel for beginners” or “skills for beginners” before watching tutorials with more advanced tips and tricks.

  1. Learn Excel Online Free with Online Resources

Outside of Microsoft support and YouTube videos, there are plenty of websites that offer free tutorials and resources.

These websites will even specify depending on the platform you’re working from, such as excel net.

Excel Experts

Seeing the requirement for excel proficiency may be daunting in the application process. However, even excel experts were beginners once. They, too, had to consider how to learn excel.

Fortunately, there are resources that make it easy to learn excel online. Depending on your learning style, check out support forums, videos, or alternative online resources. If you’re committed to learning, you’ll pick up excel in no time!

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