Are you looking for a way to exercise that doesn’t feel like exercising? Need to lose some weight, get in shape, or get a hobby? Do you have a friend who has suddenly taken up golf and want to see if it’s for you?

Playing golf can bring a lot of positives into your life that you might not have even considered.

No matter the reason you’re currently wondering why you should play golf, the benefits speak for themselves. Check out these seven reasons people play golf, and you might find your next favorite sport.


Golf is a great way to work out. If you’ve ever gone to a driving range you know the sweat you can work up from swinging a club again and again. Not to mention all of the walking and low impact exercise.

It’s not going to wear out your knees or put you at risk for more severe injuries like other sports. By playing golf you can live longer and live well.

Reduced Stress

Golf is a great way to take a break from everyday stressors in life. Constant stress can shorten your lifespan, but gold can help you bounce back. It can help you lose weight, and release some of the tension you’ve acquired through the week.

Get Outdoors

It is easy today to spend all your time inside in front of a screen. Golf, more than many other sports and hobbies, helps you get back into nature. It’s like a walk through the park with some friendly competition and easy exercise.

Build Friendships

Golfing can connect you with new people you wouldn’t have met otherwise. Connecting and making friendships you can enjoy beyond the golf course.

Build Business

The golf course is not only a place where you can make friends, but also make business connections. Playing golf offers the opportunity for private conversations in beautiful settings.

New Challenges

As we age it is important to learn new things and challenge ourselves. Golf provides the opportunity to learn new skills and challenge yourself in different ways.

Anyone Can Play

Golf is a game that anyone can learn and is also a sport that can bring together players of different levels. Anyone can go to the driving range together and work on skills. The more about golf you learn, the more you can gain and achieve.

Start Playing Golf Today

There are innumerable reasons people play golf, and not all of them will apply to you. But likely you will find one of the benefits of playing golf could be a part of your life.

Of course, you don’t need to take our word for it. Go out and try golf for yourself if you found any of these points appealed to you. And if this article was helpful, we’ve got even more for you to check out.


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