MyDepot is a dropshipping platform particularly specialized in the home and furniture niche. MyDepot has an e-commerce integration with Shopify, Amazon and Wayfair. The main advantage of this online business is that they only focus on a singular specific niche. It makes them audience-specific and helps attract the target audience with a significant increase in profit. They mainly have customers with furniture and home businesses, and those already have online businesses with the known platforms; Amazon, Shopify and Wayfair. Those looking to create online e-commerce furniture and home store can opt for We all know that e-commerce supplier; Alibaba is the top banana when it comes to dropshipping. But if you want to work directly with the manufacturer and supplier, then MyDepot will be perfect.

Here are some simple steps to do Dropship using MyDepot.

Register and sign up

The first step is to register your account. Open the website, go to the Business customer section, and fill in your personal information, name, email, and phone number. Then below, you will see some requirements regarding your business. Provide information about your business name, business type, business address and the products you are interested in to build your e-commerce business. Submit all the details to create the account. Keep in mind to register only in the Business Customer section. The customer account is for those who want to order products from MyDepot. And you specifically have to register yourself in the business customer section.

Link a payment method

The second step after signing up is to link the payment method. Sync your payment method with the newly created business customer account. MyDepot here serves as an advantage to its business customers by providing them with a free trial for the first 30 days. It is to consider that MyDepot only transfers those payments to your bank account after completing account setup and giving additional details.

Link with your e-commerce store

The next step is to link your e-commerce store with MyDepot. MyDepot integrated with Amazon, Wayfair and Shopify so you can connect one of these stores to your online business. People having existing businesses with these can go well with MyDepot. Build your niche-specific e-commerce business after linking the integrated e-commerce store.

Create a product wishlist

After creating an account, there are several things you can do to customize your online store. The very first step that is recommended is to create a product wishlist. Add the products that match your niche. As MyDepot is ideal for businesses dealing with furniture and home. So, you can add the matching products to create a customized wishlist. Creating a product wishlist can be done simply by some clicks due to the user-friendly interface of MyDepot.

Import products from MyDepot into your e-commerce store

Under the roof of MyDepot, you can find hundreds of high-quality products. MyDepot primarily focuses on a single niche and delivers you, reliable manufacturers. The availability of products from trusted manufacturers lets you import products into your e-commerce store. Now you can add value to new online businesses by adding high-quality products.

MyDepot specifications

MyDepot delivers many benefits to its customers. They are not the traditional middleman you see at other e-commerce platforms. They work directly with manufacturers and buyers and add to their reliability. They stand out in the market as they offer quick, reliable shopping from their US-based fulfilment centres. The advantages of early shipment and trusted and respected manufacturers are the leading cause of MyDepot customers’ addition. Not only that, MyDepot offers their businesses updated inventory, excellent customer support and competitive prices.

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