The rush of hitting a ball with all of your might for the first time can be a stress reliever. It might even persuade you to pick up the game of golf.

Last year, 36.9 million people played golf on and off-course. If you want to join the millions of people who love the game, you’ll need to know a few basics.

Read on to learn the best five tips for a new golfer.

1. Get Lessons

As a new golfer, you might be tempted to work on your swing without lessons. Although not everyone needs them, if you really want to work on the technical side of playing golf, you’ll want them.

To truly learn how to golf like a pro, opt for lessons by someone who knows what they’re doing. Any good coach will help you improve your game.

2. Learn the Basics

Whether you opt for lessons or not, learning the basics of golf is a necessity. The fundamentals you’ll take with you throughout your journey include the following:

  • Proper alignment
  • Stance
  • Distance from the ball
  • Ball position
  • Position of hands
  • Posture
  • Golf grip

This is one of the best golf tips you can learn as it will help you with your swing and making contact with the ball.

3. Hit the Golf Course

Going to the driving range is an important lesson on how to improve golf skills. However, don’t spend all of your time there.

To get familiar with the game and ultimately get better, you’ll have to hit the golf course. This is the only way to start tracking your golf game to see where you can improve.

4. Create a Range Routine

When you do dedicate a day to the driving range, don’t only swing for maximum distance. Instead, create a range routine that includes swings of all distances.

If you hit the ball as hard as you can every time, you’ll throw yourself out of sync and have trouble on the golf course.

A simple routine involves starting with half-swings then increasing the speed and length of the swings after you are warmed up. Follow this with middle irons and then work your way up to drivers.

Switch back to your short iron or wedge after a while to keep up the tempo.

5. Start With a Few Clubs

You can carry up to 14 golf clubs in your bag, but as a newcomer, you won’t need that many. In fact, one of the best golf tips for when you start learning is to get comfortable using a putter, driver, and sand wedge.

These clubs are more forgiving than others and can help your ball get higher and further.

Not sure if you’re going to keep golfing in the long run? Buy used or discounted golf clubs until you decide if the game is for you. There are also beginner clubs that make it easier to hit.

How to Learn the Game of Golf as a New Golfer Explained

Learning the game of golf can be fun or a pain depending on how serious you take it. If you want to enjoy golf, understand that the learning process takes time.

You won’t be great right away, but you’ll be having the most fun on the golf course! As a new golfer, it’s important to enjoy the journey more than anything.

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