No matter what type of car you own, you want to keep it looking new as long as possible. Keeping your vehicle in good condition will not only boost your confidence as the driver, but will also make it easier to get the right price for your vehicle when you decide to sell it. While business Contract Hire can keep your investment safe while in storage, car bras can keep it protected while it’s on the road. Here are four reasons investing in a car bra is so important.

  1. Weather Protection

When you’re driving, rain, hail and sleet tend to pummel the front of your vehicle. A car bra can keep your paint from becoming damaged by protecting it in the most vulnerable areas.

  1. Prevent Scratches

Have you ever had a rock or other piece of debris hit the front of your vehicle while you were driving down the road? Even small pebbles can do a lot of damage when you’re traveling at highway speeds. Fortunately, a bra can protect your car’s paint in its most vulnerable areas.

  1. Mirror Protection

Did you know you can get custom-fit mirror bras to protect your side mirrors from dings and scratches? Since side mirrors stick out, they are susceptible to damage, even when the car isn’t in motion. In fact, many car mirrors get damaged in parking lots when people get in and out of their cars. Custom mirror bras can prevent this from happening.

  1. Looks

The right bra can make your vehicle look impressive and stylish. It can also reflect positively on you as a responsible vehicle owner. If you want to make a good impression, choose a sleek, custom-fit car bra. Clean your bra regularly with a California duster to keep it looking brand new.

California Car Cover offers an impressive inventory of car bras and dusters that will keep your vehicle well protected. Check out their selection today.


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