There are different methods of wording engagement party invitations. This is due to the fact that there could be different sets of people who are actually hosting the engagement party.


Traditionally, when the parents of the bride host the engagement party, the invitation is more often than not formal, and it usually has traditional wording. This kind of engagement party invitations includes the host’s title as well as the name of the couple who are going to be engaged.

Modern parents make choose to do away with some of the formalities surrounding it, and they may go the semi-formal invitation route.

If the parents are totally laid back and do not consider formality something which is current in today’s scenario, they may choose a completely casual wedding engagement wording.

In today’s world, a large majority of the families are broken and the children are being brought up by single parents. Sometimes it is not the parents but friends who host the engagement party. This is reflected in the invitation which mentions the one hosting.

There are cases where the parents of both the groom as well as brides are jointly hosting the engagement party, and this is reflected in the wording.

There are also cases where the engagement party is hosted by the parents even though they are divorced and perhaps have new families of their own. In such cases, both sets of names should appear.

If the engagement party is hosted by the friends of the couple, it’s usually a very casual invitation, and everyone is usually included whoever is hosting.

Finally, the bride and groom could be the ones hozting the party and this they can do in the style and manner they are comfortable with and include specifics such as no gifts.

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