As with every other product, the transducer probes also develop damage that is introduced about by many people factors.

Common transducer problems

The most popular problems include:

Crack within the transducer housing: The housing can crack at any section. This issue occurs when you drop or hit the transducer.

Dried up lens: The transducer lenses are created to be moist but it is common to allow them to dry up if you use the incorrect disinfection. Whenever your lenses have dried up this means you have washed all of them with fluids that contains alcohol. To repair the problem you need to use the proper gel.Image result for . Considering Transducer Problems

Hole within the lens: You’ll have a hole within the lens once the lens continues to be hit with another object or has dropped on the ground. A telltale sign that the lens includes a hole is really a hole inside your images. It is good to notice that the hole within the lens may also be introduced about by deterioration from the wires. It is also common to achieve the same results once the wires happen to be cut having a sharp object. Prior to running into conclusions you need to first inspect the cables and lenses.

Lines within the image: Images caused by the transducer cable may have lines once the cable continues to be go beyond with a cart system thus causing deterioration. It is also common to achieve the same issue once the cable continues to be hit or uncovered to pressure for any lengthy time.Image result for . Considering Transducer Problems

Taking proper care of the probes

To prevent the issues that include the probes you need to take good proper care of them. One thing that you could do is to regularly inspect the probes. Settled towards the lens. For greatest results inspect the lens having a magnifier. All probes include their strategies for use and cleaning. For greatest results, you need to follow these recommendations.

It’s advocated you have the probes tested with a professional every six several weeks. It is also suggested you have the system tested whenever you identify an issue. The majority of the transducer problems happen when individuals and vehicles ran within the cables. To safeguard them you need to keep your cables started. Whenever you aren’t while using probes use probe holders to carry them in position.


Transducers are vulnerable to numerous problems however with care, you are able to prevent them from happening. To lessen the events from the probes developing problems you should purchase high-quality probes from trustworthy stores.


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