If you are a management aspirant and want to become a successful manager or entrepreneur in the future, formal education in the business administration is a must. However, before you join any reputed business school, you need to appear in the CAT, XAT or MAT exam and score well enough to become eligible for admission in the renowned colleges offering MBA programs in Lucknow, or any other city in India.

The MBA entrance exams are designed in a way that various capabilities of the individuals can be examined and tested. This is why, one cannot clear this exam just by cramming the curriculum mindlessly. One has to develop clear understanding of fundamental concepts and practice hard, in order to succeed.

Here are some of the best tips and time tested techniques that can help you pass the exam and get a good score.

Develop a Clear Exam Strategy

More than preparing for the exam, it is important to figure out how you would attempt the different questions in the exam. Ultimately, what matters is how you perform during the exam. In fact, more than your knowledge, CAT tests your accuracy and understanding of some of the underlying concepts.

CAT has sectional cut offs, and there are negative marks per question. Thus, instead of answering all the questions, it is imperative to select the right questions to answer, so that you only gain marks and not lose them. Moreover, as each section contributes individually to the overall CAT score, you should be perfect at each of these sections. So, design an attempt strategy, test it on 4-5 mock tests and evaluate which strategy is helping you gain maximum marks.

Develop a Weekly Schedule

You cannot mug up all the concepts, questions and answers for CAT. Thus, it’s important to segregate the entire syllabus into parts, and develop a weekly plan, so that you can devote the right amount of time to each section. It is also important that how you sum up all your learning in the last few days of the exam. Thus, you must spend a considerable time for creating  a study schedule instead of approaching the study without a proper plan.

Stay Positive

Although, preparing for an MBA entrance test, especially CAT can be quite stressful, but staying calm is the key. The more relax you stay, he more active is your mind and you would be able to attempt the questions with better concentration. So, stay positive, relaxed and calm.

Do not compare yourself with what your friends are doing and do not lose hope because someone else is doing better than you. Instead, emphasize on improving yourself, and keep on introspecting yourself to understand what your strengths are, and how you can use them to achieve the desired score in the exam.

Review the Mock Tests

If you want to clear your MBA entrance test to pursue your MBA degree in Lucknow or from any other city, its vital that you understand how you can utilise the mock tests to enhance your performance.

After every mock test, carefully analyse your performance and identify that in which aspects you are lacking. For instance, accuracy, speed or both. Once you understand your weakness, you can start working on it.

Identify the areas where you could have solved your questions faster and work out on increasing your speed without affecting the accuracy.

Strengthen the Fundamental Concepts

The CAT emphasizes on testing the candidates on their ability to understand a concept and apply it. So, make the right strategies to strengthen your concepts and revise them from time to time to ensure that you do not get confused about them in the exam.


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